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I have always had my iTunes media folder location (iTunes library) on an external hardrive. I have now moved from an old MacBook Pro to a new i7 MacBook Pro. I did not use the migration assistant to move my user files and user identity. My old MacBook Pro was running MacOS 10.6.8 with iTunes 10.6 . iTunes was also syncronizing an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (old with hard disk inside). All of the music files, as well as the sync files for the iPod, iPhone and iPad are in the music folder (iTunes media folder)  on the external hard drive. How can I have iTunes recognize the external hard drive as the music/sync location? On the new computer  I have already changed the iTunes media folder location to the external hard drive (iTunes, Preferences, Advance), but iTunes does not recognize it and does not show any of the information (music, apps, etc...) present on the external drive iTunes media folder. I was going to completely replace the iTunes folder on the username/music folder of my new MacBook Pro i7 with the old iTunes folder from the old MacBook Pro (same location username/music), but I wanted to consult the Community before I made a big mistake. Thanks for any help you can shed.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), i7