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I've had a Mini for one Year now and suddenly I hear the motor very loudly and the computer runs slow, or the Beach ball comes and everything stops. The only way to fix it so far has been to tap or shake the computer and bit, but this Fonzi method isn't the best I think! I ran repair disk and verified disk permissions. I had a hard time even getting the computer to reboot. Any Suggestions, or should I just take it in to the Store to get looked at as it seems to be a hardware Problem. Just wondered if this has happened before to anyone else with the Mini.
BTW, I've had three Beach Balls in writing this Post!

MacMini, Mac OS X (10.4.5), 80 GB HArd, I GB RAM
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    Back up your data. Now. Do it twice.
    These are classic signs of a disk failure.

    Of course, there might be other reasons that may cause this, but it never hurts to have a current backup.

    If it's still under warrantry, take it to the Store.

    If not, back up your data to CD-ROMs or another hard drive (preferably both, and twice), and then post back, and we'll help you from there.
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    The Problem with backing up to CD Rom is getting the computer to run long enough to do it! I had a diagnistic run @ the Store and the disk is abd. The estimate is $200 for the drive and another $300 for the data recovery. Good Times.
    Does Apple put Self destruct MEchs in the Mini's if you don't renew Apple Care. I have only had this Mini for 13 months!
    It was suggested to me to buy a new hard drive myself and transer over the material from the bad hard drive little bits at a time with a device that acts like a Firewire. Soudns better than $500 (or buying a new Mini )