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Andrea Jarvis Level 1 Level 1
My cousins do not own a computer but their parents bought them iPods and my mom let them use my eMac for their iTunes when I was on vacation for spring break.

I came home to find that they had deleted or closed a stickie note that I had been compiling for a year and a half, which I had never saved because I am the only person that uses the computer (and I'm careful enough not to delete it).

I can not find it, so I was hoping it could be retrived from deletiton. There was really random but important info on it, like my dad's mailing address in Iraq (which I of course had never written down)...so I am in dire need of getting it back. If anyone has any idea on how to retrieve it or any advice (other than to save it because its too late for that) please please please help me!


eMac   Mac OS X (10.3)   its later than Mac OS X (10.3), I'm just not sure how to check the exact version
  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 Level 8
    Hello Andrea:

    Welcome to Apple discussions.

    There is software that will retrieve deleted files - but that is a difficult shot in the dark at best. Deleted files are really not 'gone' as the delete removes the pointer, not the file itself (unless one does a secure delete). However, that space is available for new files. If your computer was used after the delete, the file is most probably gone (overwritten).

    As I recall, file 'retrieval' software is a bit pricey.

  • macjack Level 9 Level 9
    If there is any chance of recovery at all (slim to none I'm afraid) your best bet is Prosoft Data Rescue. There is a free trial to see if it can recover what you need.
    Also, a service that has been recommended but I cannot personally endorse is DriveSavers.

    I'm just not sure how to check the exact version
    You can check the exact version on your Apple menu >> About this Mac.

    Good luck, Andrea.