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i have the (old) ipod shuffle and itunes does not recognize it (does not populate on the left hand side).  how can i correct this?

iPod shuffle, iOS 5.1, first version shuffle
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    Did this shuffle work with this computer before (recently), and it is not working now for some reason?  Or is this the first time you are trying to use this shuffle with this computer?


    It says "first version shuffle" in your profile.  Is this the white shuffle with USB plug that looks like a flash drive?


    When you connect it, does the shuffle's light come on?


    Do you use a Mac or Windows PC?  If Windows, what version of Windows?

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    yes its the white shuffle with the USB plug.  I am running windows xp 02 machine and have updated the itunes to the latest version.  I have not used the shuffle in 2 years, but recently found it.  i also have an iphone 4s but its a pain to run with....  given given why i am tying to use the old shuffle.  it works...  the light comes on and it plays, but i want to synch new music to it and itunes shows the ipod playlist... but will not recognize the hardware. 

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    and the synch tab is "grayed" out...... 

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    Since it's a 1st gen shuffle and you use Windows XP, you can try the iPod Reset Utility (which is only for the 1st and 2nd gen shuffle).




    NOTE:  If there is a hardware problem on the shuffle (such as a faulty USB connector), this utility will not help.  If the shuffle is recognized by the computer, but not by iTunes, this utility may help fix that problem.


    Also, if you are using a USB hub to connect the shuffle, you should try it with a direct connection on your computer's USB port.  If there are other USB devices (other than standard keyboard/mouse) connected at the same time, you may want to try it with only the shuffle connected.

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    i ran the utility and its still not recognizing......  it charges and plays....cant understand it....  thanks for your assistance

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    When you ran the utility, did IT recognize that your shuffle was connected?  If it did, there is hope.


    If it did not... Charging and data transfer are done using different "pins" on the USB plug.  So it is likely that the pins related to charging are working, but not the ones related to data transfer.


    A few years ago, I bought some broken iPod shuffles (1st gen) on eBay.  I wanted to see if I could "swap" parts and make some of them work.  It worked, but the part that was faulty most often (by far), on those non-working shuffles, was the USB plug.