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Mac OS X

I was attempting to increase my Boot Camp partition by reducing the size of OS X in Disk Utility.  This left me with a Mac OS Journaled, Windows NTFS and a new 35GB blank partition.  The instrutions I was going by said that there was a Disk Manager utility in Wondows 7 that would let Windows use up that new 35GB partition.  Well that didn't work.


After going back to OSX to change the blank partition to FAT32 (thinking Windows couldn't use it if it didn't recognize the file format), my Boot Camp partition was no longer available as a startup disk when I reboot.


So when I reboot my computer now, I only see the Macintosh HDD and the Recovery Disk.  The Bootcamp Partition is still there here but not showing at reboot.  Boot Camp assistant only provides options for downloading Windows Support Software or Remobving Windows7.  Paralells still boots in to my Boot Camp partition.




Solved by Nachos Libres on Aug 13, 2012 5:57 PM Solved
Try this.  You can't use repartion a Boot Camp drive through normal means, and since you are still able to use Parallels with your current Boot Camp partition I believe this method will work for you: http://www.thenoisecast.com/2011/03/change-bootcamp-partition-size-without-losin g-windows/