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I have a macbook air and an iphone 4s. I think but am not sure that at one point this worked fine but it is not now.

Here is the issue.

Songs I purchase on my iphone sync to my itunes on my computer no problem. The problem is that cds I rip to itunes won't sync. When I hit sync it very quickly goes thru step 1, 2, and 3, and then will flash for less than a second like it is about to transfer some songs (I can even see a song title), then it stops and nothing further happens. No error message or anything. The sync just stops. I've read a lot of threads about this and none are answering my issue. All songs are checked, I am not manually syncing, etc. I've got the latest software updates.

Can someone please help?

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    To sync music, confirm the following settings:


    1. On the summary tab of your iTunes sync settings you have checked "Sync only checked songs and videos"
    2. In your music library you have checked all the songs you want to sync to your phone
    3. There are no exclamation points next to any of the songs you want to sync to your phone
    4. You have authorized your computer for all Apple IDs for purchased music you want to sync to your phone (in Store>Authorize This Computer)
    5. You have checked "Sync Music" on the Music tab of your iTunes sync settings


    When all of this looks correct sync you phone and your music should transfer.

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    thanks---it was not having checked "sync music" that did it. I was wary of checking it b/c it warned that this would erase my iphone but that's what it took. everything synced now.