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i purchased a full album today. ONE song from it does not play. when i try to play it, it makes me enter my apple username and ID. i do. then it says, OK, you've authorized on 3 out of 5 devices, but youre cool. so i try to play it. so it makes me enter my apple username and ID. etc etc etc into infinity.


W   T    F?


there are obviously no issues with me having bought it with a different apple ID because i logged in RIGHT BEFORE I BOUGHT IT and am using the same one when i try to play it. not only that, but THE 16 OTHER SONGS PLAY WITHOUT A PROBLEM. this is ******** and i know no one is going to have any solutions for me because no one with the real answers looks at these things.


ive always been a stickler for having the physical item in my hand when it comes to purchasing music except in instances of physical rarity, but i was finally willing to make the leap with this purchase. now guess what? i'll never buy another ******* thing from itunes.

iTunes, OS X Mountain Lion