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how to uninstall programs from Mountain Lion?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)
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    Theres a couple ways to uninstall programs. The launchpad is the rocket icon on the dock. If you open that you should see your apps spread out as icons as if it would be on a iphone or other iOS device. If you just click the icon with your mouse button and continue holding the mouse button the will shake and show the X. If you click that X it will ask if you want to delete the program. This only works for programs downloaded through the APP Store. If a program does not have an X then proceed to the next way of uninstalling


    -- The way to delete a program that will not delete the previous way is as followed:


    Open finder

    - On the left side you will see applications > Click that

    - Then you will see all the programs on the right side.

    - If you click on the program and drag it to your trash bin it will ask if you would like to make changes and delete.

    - Just make sure not to delete anything that was preinstalled with you Mac

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    The third and recommended way is to use the uninstaller, if available. For those without one, contact the program/s developer and determine how to do it. For a lot of apps, open /Applications/ and drag to the trash.

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