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Yesterday a "No SIM" message popped up on my Ipad. After re-booting and re-setting the Network settings via the general menu, the message remains.


The Celluar Data tab on the settings menu has dulled out and unable to be selected.


Any ideas?  Thank you!


It is an Ipad 2, 3G

iPad 2
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    I have iPad 2 3G and the same thing happened to me.  Did everything that can be done to take that no sim message.  I read in one discussion that it might be the cover of the iPad.  Then it hit me.  I bought a new cover days before that no sim message, and realised that it was the only change I did before the no sim message was shown even if there is a sim.  So I took off the cover for 3 days then inserted the sim again.  It worked!  Now I have sim access again!