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I have found that safari is not as compatible with commercial websites as I previously thought. When I want to order an item through an online store or use an online web editor, often Safari does not work. I have been trying to set up e-commerce stores and have found that Safari does not work with e-commerce sites such as Amazon Web Store, Volussion and even occasionally shopify. It also does not seem to like many other online editors and e-commerce websites, such as Hermes Courier - WHY NOT??


Now I have already updated all my software, cleaned my cache and made my machine nice and lean, for speed and usability. I thought the Safari update would be the bees knews. Must I have to use firefox or another browser??


I wanted to make it clear that I am not talking about the publically accessible Amazon Store but the Amazon Web Store which is used for those who have an online shop or set up e-commerce.


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