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I've an old Win7 computer and a newer one, both x64.


iTunes is running fine on the old one with a largeish music library (mainly from CDs), apps and other content.


To transfer the content from the old to the new I used Home Sharing and this seemed to work.  However, I got confused the first time and aborted (or maybe I just closed iTunes).  Realising what I'd done, I restarted the home sharing process.  This seemed to work OK.


However, when I looked at the content, I discovered that most of the tracks had duplicated themselves.


Trying to fix this, I deleted all the music content from the new computer (by select all in iTunes and delete).


My intent was to re-copy from the old computer which still has the original media on it.


I have got home sharing running on both computer's but it looks different to the original.  On the old computer I have an empty Home Sharing folder under shared and an 'Iain's Library' folder which appears to have most everything in it.


On the new computer I have an empty Home Sharing folder under shared, but with not even categories (Musing, Films...) in.


What do I do to get the content across now?






Windows 7
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    if i understand correctly, you still have all your music in your old computer's library.

    if this is the case, you should be able to select import all again.

    if it were that simple, i'm sure you wouldn't have posted though

    without knowing more, the best suggestion i have is to try the steps in this article


    i know some of it seems simplistic, but sometimes that's all it is

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    Thanks Tigriss.


    If I stop and start sharing on my old computer, I would expect to see the library for that computer under home sharing.  I don't.  There is nothing.  And that nothing propogates to the new computer!


    The Music is still there in the old computer.  I think the 'Import All' command you're referring to would run on the new computer, but only if there is something there for it to recognise.


    So I'm still stuck, I'm afraid.


    I guess uninstalling and re-installing iTunes might work, but I'm not keen!