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Hi, on Saturday my 4s (5.1.1) crashed after I tried to crop a screencap photo (screen went black with loading sign) then went back to home screen. Ever since then I've had loads of problems with the phone. Every now and then it will crash and restart (black screen and loading sign) by itself for no reason-- even when charging. The battery drains seriously quick to the point where I can't really take it off the charger and the device seems to get really hot. One time I left it on my bed and it was almost too hot to touch. I can't even check my emails anymore because the email app keeps crashing after a few seconds of loading.


I've tried reseting and rebooting. This morning I backed up the phone, made sure it was up to date, then did a restore with the latest iTunes. I didn't restore from backup as a new phone because I want to keep everything (media and content) from before. I mean I shouldn't have to because the phone should work anyway. And even after all that it still doesn't work. I've had this phone since last November so it seems strange that it's started doing this.


I don't live near an Apple store or Genius bar so I'm bringing the problem up on here and hopefully someone can help me? I've seen similar problems posted before but with no solutions so I'm quite pessimistic...




iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1