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I am thinking of picking up a LaCie Rugged 7200 rpm and using it with Firewire800 on my MBP.  This would be my mobile drive for events and projects while on the road.  My hesitation about it is because it is bus powered.  I have never owned a bus powered hard drive before. 

I never edit without the MBP plugged into 110v, so maybe I am worrying too much.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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    This may be too late, but I thought I'd reply anyway. I use a couple of LaCie Rugged 7200 1TB drives when I'm on the road. I dump my footage (5Diii movie clips) onto the drive so that I can start the editing and keyword process while I'm on the road, then move the events and projects onto a powered hard drive (various drives) when home.


    I've had no problems with the drives and their rugged nature makes me feel happier about taking them out and about while travelling.


    Hope this helps.

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    Becky and I just got back form Kona and this is the third year we've relied on LaCie 7200 bus-powered Rugged drives to gather HD footage from the NBC trailer to bring over to my suite and cut into the edit along with all the media we shoot.  No issues ever!


    Wanted to mention that this year we bought another LaCie but the one that is 7200 with FW800 x 2 (can be very important to be able to loop through) and also USB3 - which is much faster than FW800.  I ended up using the USB3 more often with my new MBP Retina and that went really well and also bus-powered again - so I think you can move forward with confidence on the LaCie.

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    Thanks for the conforamtions.  I have been using mine for a few months now and it works great.  Travels well and when I get home I duplicate the projects and referenced events to another external drive.  Then I keep the files on the Rugged as a back up.