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I was wondering, why I do not have much space on my iPod left so I enabled disc use. I found this folder in ipod_control/music where apparently all my Music, which is also stored in the normal music folder, is saved again (in 50 folders named F00 to F49).
Also the filenames are quite weird (e.g. DUCB.mp3).

Can please someone tell me where those files come from and if I can delete them.

Thanks guys

Dell Laptop, Windows XP
  • Smiddy Level 1 (5 points)
    Those weird folder and file names are the actual songs on your iPod.

    They are not on the iPod twice. They will be on your computer once and on the iPod once.

    (They appear with the weird names to make it difficult to copy - or "pirate" - music from your iPod to someone else's computer.)

    iTunes is able to decode them and shows the actual artist name, song name, etc.
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    Thanks for your help...But I still have this other music folder on my ipod. I took a closer look at it and all files are in windows media (wma) format. Is the media player backing up files automatically on the ipod? I never put them on my Ipod manually.