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    Dont know why I Didn't think of doing this earlier. Removeing the data base and completle reinstalling the application reinabled reports to be run and I now have a functioning system.


    Thanks for the help!

  • Joe Pyrdek Level 1 (140 points)

    Well I tried the complete removal and it brought back reports but then when I tried reports again two or so days later, it was back to either waiting or "generating Report" but no report was shown.  I also noticed that some of the reports shown listed information that was outdated (such as RAM was added but the old RAM amounts were still being shown) even after clicking the box for an updated report.


    In some instances, deleting the computer from the "All Computers" listing and then rescanning and reinstalling the computer brought the reports back with updated info but now I am back to no reports.  No updates or new software have been installed on either the client or admin machines in this time so it appears that something must be on some automatic or preprogrammed schedule to rewrite some file(s) somewwhere that then corrupt the database or some associated file(s).


    I put in a reort of this (again) just to let them know that the problem still exists but so far no response even acknowledging receipt of the report.  I really wish Apple would get to the core of this problem and remove the worm bugs from their Apple Remote Desktop software!

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