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I have a d-link SKY broadband router in the dining room and an airport express in the living room. I do not have an airport extreme base station. It is set up to wirelessly extend the network, i bought it last month, so it must be the latest model. Is there a way to connect the airport express to my temperamental TV over ethernet instead of WiFi?

Airport Extreme, OS X Mountain Lion
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,344 points)

    If you have the AirPort Express setup to "extend a wireless network" at the present time, the Ethernet port is already enabled.


    Test first by connecting your laptop to the Express using an Ethernet cable. Turn off the wireless on the laptop temporarily. If the laptop can connect to the Internet, then you know the Express is working correctly.


    Connect the TV to the Express using an Ethernet cable and it should work fine.

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    thanks for the quick reply, nice and simple solution!