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  • DCY Level 1 Level 1

    More and more people are getting this.....


    Apple better step up.


    *just happened again while i typed the word "better"

    This is so F****** ridiculous.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    @Jambin and @DCY: Do the step rrahimi suggested above.  Turn off the second video card.  For me it stopped the lagging, but conversely your battery will be affected a bit.  It's a bandaid, not a fix.  Hopefully Apple will fix the lagging so we can go back to both cards preserving battery life.

  • jambinn Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I did that, and I haven't noticed any extreme lagging so far.  The text input doesn't seem as fast as my type though, but still a vast improvement.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah it definitely doesn't fix the problem but it makes typing tolerable.  I still very much want the issue addressed because my last MBP, which was only 2 years old, ran like an absolute champ.  Considering the advancements within the Retina Pro, I truly didn't want to see any hiccups on something as basic as typing.

  • rootn1 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple has relased an update to fix this issue. I was having the lag issue as well for a while. This is a firmware update specifiaclly for the 2012 15" Retina and it takes a little bit of time to install. However I have not had any lag since. Just check for software updates and it should be there for you.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    Sweet!!!  Thanks for the heads up!

  • rootn1 Level 1 Level 1

    Your welcome, I am running some stress tests to see if i can reproduce the lag with the new firmware. Ill let you know what i find out.

  • jambinn Level 1 Level 1

    Installed the firmware earlier in the week. I can confirm that this doesn't fix the lag at all.


    If anything, shutting off that power setting does

  • DCY Level 1 Level 1

    I can also confirm that the software update DOES NOT fix the issue.  I installed it the day it was released and it has lagged ever since.

  • hardballapple Level 1 Level 1

    I found the same typing problem today as well. The display of words on the screen (Sarafi) cannot follow the keyboard input correctly, which might result in 0.5 delay after I typing a word.


    I think this should be a serious problem and Apple should consider it significantly because a computer is useless if it cannot typle correctly.


    There is a serious lag when I using office 2011- word to input words. I originally think the problem might be office, but now I do not think so. It might be the problem of Moutain lion or hardware.


    Please think about this when you want to buy a new retina macbook pro. and I will return mine if this problem cannot be solve before the two-week trial period ending.


    This is an expensive Laptop and I cannot endure its such stupid problem.



    Here is my retina laptop information:

    Retina Macbook Pro | 2.3G | 16G RAM | 512 SSD, Mountain Lion 2.8.2.

  • hardballapple Level 1 Level 1

    I did not find any people to solve this problem. It is still happens.


    How bad you will fill when it happen.


    I am experiencing this problem when I am typing the words here. I type one word and it appears after a while. I delete some words and it appear to be deleted after one second. So I found I deleted too much!


    Too bad. Be careful when you purchase a Retina Macbook Pro!


    No apple people help me at all.


    I will give a feedback on Amazon soon.

  • DCY Level 1 Level 1

    Just make sure you have full documentation that you took it in for service and they couldn't fix the problem.  Even if they dont have a fix now they might in the future...and it might be too late by then so if you document it now you have recourse in the future.

  • jambinn Level 1 Level 1

    It just makes it seem that Apple's fine eye to detail died with Steve Jobs.  To be totally honest, ever since shutting off the graphics switching in the Power settings, I haven't had the problem at all.  My text input is perfect/flawless.  It solves the problem.


    But how is that a solution?  Forefit nearly half of battery life to actually type on the computer?



    It leads you down the pathway of "software issue", which further leads us down the pathway of this was a computer that was released 6 months prior to when it should have.


    There's what, 3 apps that support retina display?  Still waiting for photoshop to step up to the plate, and hoping I don't have to pay an arm and a leg as I always do for an upgrade.



    It's a shame because this MBP truly is a remarkable machine.  A flawwed remarkable machine.


    I have officially discussed this case with apple bug report, and they are gaining new info from me every day.  Hopefully the engineers will develop a fix.

  • clevelandownz Level 1 Level 1

    I just got my computer serviced at apple to get my new screen, it had IR and white pressure spots. It was an LG screen.. i never had any problems with typing lag. I get it now, and i feel my whole system is slow when i boot up, it lags at the password screen and also the typing lag happens. I really dont understand this but I have a feeling it actually might be due to a samsung display? If you have an LG display .... can you let us know its happening for you also.

  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    Unlikely that the display model could have an impact on performance. From the Graphics Card's point of view they are the exact same interface.


    Did you update by any chance? Newer OSX or Safari or something?