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I occasionally have  a problem with my new Macbook Pro Retina Display.  Sometimes when i am typing in forms such as this discussion forum or the address bar for URLs, the words do not show up.  The page seems to freeze up or lag.  Sometimes, i will see the mouse cursor spinning.


This is very frustrating as there is nothing that can be done.  Sometimes refreshing the page will help but generally nothing seems to work.  It just seems to freeze up and lag.  When i type some words it might see a  delay when the letters show up or when im deleting letters it just seems to lag behind and is not being deleted right away.


Luckily i am able to get through typing this report.

Hope someone can help me or share their experiences.  I am well within my warranty coverage so i am not worried about that...but i am worried that i can't reproduce the problem when i am at the Apple store.


Thanks in advance.




MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
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