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I'm working on a compilation video which is drawing from many different interviews.   I need to duplicate certain sections of 1080p 29.97 Pro Res timelines and then bring them into a new FCP 7.0.3 project. 


The clips will be pulled from many different external drives.  And I can't connect all these drives together at the same time.


So my question is...when I am on the FCP timeline of one of these older projects, how do I best copy a section of it while keeping it in Pro Res and hopefully not having to recompress it?   I don't want to go back to the AVCHD camera files that it was generated from.


Would I "Send to Compressor" right off the timeline and use one of the Pro Res settings?  Same as source settings, etc.


Or would I "Export as a Quicktime" movie off the timeline?  Settings info?


I am trying to preserve the image quality but at the same time this will not be for broadcast.   It's for a non-profit's website. 


Any advice on this would be very much appreciated...





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    You use Media Manager for this. File > Media Manager.

    If you open Final Cut Help, and look for the topic "Overview of the Media Manager" you will find instructions and examples.




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    I did try going into Media Manager but it seemed as though it wanted to copy over an entire master clip.


    For example, in my timeline (which contains a 90 minute edited interview on Pro Res, I select an IN and OUT point of the timeline (the selected clip runs 2 minutes).   When I go into Media Manager and look at the various options to copy media, it seems like it wants to be copying the majority of the master clip...120 GB...which I want to avoid.   I just need the 2 minutes.  


    I will look at it again, but it seems to not want to copy the specific clip I want from the larger edited timeline.  It seems to be referencing the majority of the source media it's based on...it was a longer interview with one camera shot with 2 camera cards.


    Thanks again for the reminder about Media Manager and I will look at it again to see if I had any settings that were incorrect.  Maybe I have to set up the in and out points in different kind of way. 

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    If you are trying to Media Manage selections from a sequence that span multiple clips, then create a new sequence and copy and paste all the selected parts into the new sequence so that it contains only the selected sections of content you want to copy and consolidate.


    Then, with that new sequence selected, open the Media Manager and make sure that Include Master Clips outside selection and Include Affiliate Clips outside selection are unchecked, and the Delete Unused Media from Duplicated Items is checked.


    Unless you are leaving room for handles in your selection process,  check Use Handles and dial in a duration, so that your clips have some padding.





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    Thanks, Meg...you explained this process quite clearly and I will give it a go...John