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Hi, I've been reading about the different apps available for handwriting recognition for the IPad.

As I read about those programs, it seems that you can write on the provided template, i.e. on the "notes" or other documents. My specific question: I will be using an electronic records program and want to be able to write my note using an IPad on the template provided by my electronic records program rather than key in or dictate the information, is that possible using the apps? and if so, which app would you recommend?

Thank you much.

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    Not directly for handwriting, no. Those apps can work only on documents within the app itself. You could write the note in such an app and have it converted to text, then copy that text and paste it into your electronic records program. Whether that would be unusably cumbersome I can't say. If it is, then the program you wish to use would have to incorporate handwriting recognition of its own.


    You may be able to use dictation to enter notes, but that will require an new iPad. The iPad 2 does not support dictation as part of the operating system. You can get dictation apps such as the one from Nuance, but I believe you'd have to do a copy-and-paste as with handrwriting.



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    GoodNotes lets you handwrite on PDF documents, but it doesn't do handwriting recognition. You can also create your own single page template.