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I'm goint to lose my mind.  I'm pretty computer literate, but this is my first mac EVER.  MBA 1.8ghz 8gb 128gb 


I'm trying to make the switch, but want to punch itunes in the face right now.  I have most of my stuff backed up on an external and I realized I should just be plugging it into my router instead of needlessly wasting space on my computer.


I did plenty of searching (about an hour) so don't flame me for the post.  I went to pref-new location for library-whatever whatever but it didn't work.


I feel like the instructions I've been trying to follow are for mac to mac and I'm going windows to mac.


Step by step would be appreciated as I'm not gung-ho on clicking everything in hopes that I don't delete my life.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion