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When I create a new calendar entry on my iPad or iPhone, I would like to add it to both my work calendar, which is an Outlook calendar synced to my Apple devices, and to my personal iCloud calendar, but iCal doesn't let me choose two calendars--only one or the other. And I can't find a way to just create the appointment on one calendar and copy it to the other, so I end up having to type in the same calendar entry twice--once for my iCloud calendar and once for my work calendar.  Any ideas on how to make a single appointment appear on two different calendars without typing it in twice?

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    Edit/Copy the event in one calendar, select the other calendar, Edit/Paste

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    So far the only way I have figured out to do this is add the appointment to home calendar and then "invite" myself by sending the invite to my work email. Not the ideal solution, as you still end up with 2 appointments. But at least when you update the home one, it will send an updated invitation to your work email to keep the two appointments in sync. This does not appear to work in reverse so if you update the appointment on your work calendar it does not go back and change the one on your home calendar.


    I would be interested if anyone has a better solution, as I don't love this one.