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I just upgraded to snow leopard and yes I know, it's about time, but this is why I don't upgrade unless I have too:-) Now, only FCP works and all other apps that I've tried (DVD studio pro, livetype, motion) "unexpectedly quit" as soon as I try to do  "save as". I can type text into them but changing text color in Livetype causes the crash.

     I've done a clean install of FCS2 and repaired permissions to no avail. I've tried searching for answers here and at google as I thought this would have been solved long ago but maybe I'm just not using the correct search terms as nothing helpful has been found.


thanks, Gary

Solved by RatVega™ on Aug 16, 2012 8:27 AM Solved
Most likely, you have a ProKit version problem. Check out the link below Restoring an older version of ProKit - Digital Rebellion