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Hey guys.


Have recently bought a mac mini from a guy on ebay, it's about 6 months old.


He used his Apple ID to claim the iLife that 'ships' with the Mac, and technically belongs to that Mac Mini as a CD used to in the old days.


So I have set up the Mac in my name and account, and am presented with 'accept' for the three iLife downloads in the store.  Upon clicking I enter my ID, and am presented with a message stated basically that another ID has claimed this already and if I don't have that ID (previous owner of the mac, so no) that I MUST re-purchase it.


1. Is there any way the previous owner can 'detach' his account from this so I can claim it on my Apple ID, or perhaps send it over to my ID?

2. If I need to re-purchase, how on earth can I do it as it premanently says 'accept' on the products making them seemingly impossible to re-purchase.


Thanks for your help on this matter



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    1.  No


    2.  Reformat (erase) the drivwe using Lion Recovery


    Then purchase iPhoto, Garage Band, and iMovie using your own Apple ID.

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    Thanks for idea, just formatted my machine and redid the lot, still same issue.  Assume it's build into the mac firmware somehow, as I thought the Mac should surely be entitled to use this, Apple must provide some way around it?



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    It has to do with the GUIDs, etc. You can contact iTS and they MAY unadopt it.


    iTunes Store Support


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    The Apple Support Communities are an international user to user technical support forum. As a man from Mexico, Spanish is my native tongue. I do not speak English very well, however, I do write in English with the aid of the Mac OS X spelling and grammar checks. I also live in a culture perhaps very very different from your own. When offering advice in the ASC, my comments are not meant to be anything more than helpful and certainly not to be taken as insults.


    Call Apple Care, or better, have the original owner call Apple Care, explain that the Mac has been sold to you and request that the original owner's Apple ID be disassociated from this Mac and it unique identifier number in Apple's servers. Until that has been done, no matter how many times you user Lion Recovery to reinstall the OS you will not be able to Accept the apps into your Apple ID or use your Apple ID to purchase them.