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Hey Gang,


Mountain Lion - mail.app


I've got my email boxes sorted from Oldest to Newest (so Newest messages are at the bottom).  When I select a message and hit delete, the cursor and action is taking me UP the list to the next OLDER one, instead of the more logical, normal action which would take it DOWN.


So, say I'm viewing 10 messages, with the oldest message at the top -- #1 the oldest, #10 new.












If I am viewing message 7 and hit delete --- it takes me up to message 6 ... not down to message 8.

How can I change this?  It's annoying.

  • Fred Mckinnon Level 1 (85 points)

    PS:  I have 5 different email accounts, and what's odd is that this doesn't happen on all of them, only some of them, so it has to be a setting somewhere?

  • Fred Mckinnon Level 1 (85 points)

    OK, we figured it out - dunno how to fix it --- but here's what happens:


    The direction the list goes after you hit delete is based on the direction you were browsing before hitting delete.  So, if you are scrolling DOWN in your list, and hit delete, it will advance DOWN.


    On the contrary, if you are scrolling UP through the list, and hit delete, it advances UP.


    Not sure if there is a setting for this or not --- it's fairly intuitive now that I see what's happening.