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Hello, I have recently upgraded my old MacBook from SnowLeopard to Lion (a little late, I know, but it won't go to Mountain Lion). Until now the calendar on the MacBok was a hybrid of local and MobileMe stuff. Now I want iCal to display the iCloud Calendar that my iPhone, iPad and iMac already have. But I am afraid that if I just switch on the synchronisation iCloud will double every item that is there in both versions of the calendar (like everything back from the start of iCloud to when I started to have an electronic calendar on my first Palm - years and years). So what should I do: Delete all calendar data on the MacBook and then wait for it to fill itself again from iCloud? Or transfer a file or files from the iMac while being off the net? And if so, which ones? I'd be very grateful for a few pointers. Cheers, Chris

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    Hello, turns out that it was much easier than I thought. I just exported the calendar from the iMac and imported it to the MacBook overwriting the file there. Then I switched on the sync. Sorry to have bothered whoever read this. Cheers, Chris