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I am using Lion and everything was working fine -- until I got a new mac and set the older one up for my husband and put his user account on the old mac.


Now I can send ical invitations out and can get replies -- but if someone else originiates an invitation to me -- I don't get the invite on my new mac.  My husband gets it on the older mac I set up for him in his Ical.  We have totally different emails and when I click on the email name in the invite it is addressed to me and my email address but it comes on my husband's ical.


I can't figure it out???


If I originate the event invite I have no problem getting the replies -- but when someone else originates the invite -- it comes on my husband's ical (with my name and email address)


Please help -- this is driving me crazy!!

icalendar, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hello. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I'm having the same one. My wife's iCal invitations are showing up in my iCal "Inbox" but are not coming to me via email. I discovered this while troubleshooting the issue just now...and saw that I had 10+ iCal invites for which I never received email notifications.


    I never proactively check iCal, so definitely need to resolve this issue, as receiving emailed invitations is the only way they're filed into my iCal. Thanks for any insight!