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some ical invitees not receiving invite! For some reason my husband will NOT receive ical invites that I send to him I have tried multiple troubleshooting methods and cannot figure this out. His email is hosted thru Gmail but not a '@gmail' address...meaning its a husband@xyzcompany.com but email is hosted through google mail.


Other people receive my invites just fine, but his just never make it to him.

Makes me wonder if others don't get my invitations either when I don't receive a response.


What is the issue here? Has anyone else found a solution?


Also, is there a way to receive notifications when somene DOES accept an invitaiton in a group invite? Its annoying to have to go check iCal all the time and check in to see who accepted. Would like to be able to be auto-notified one-by-one when people respond. Any suggestions here?





Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I'm having the same issues.


    With school starting next week, I'm trying to get the family organized.


    Just sent invites for an event to my husband and 2 sons.


    Husband received his email at work and accepted. (Although iCal still has a "?" by his name and I never received an email that he has accepted) As for the boys, they never receive an email at all.


    The idea was wonderful at first but now it makes me want to go back to crayons and paper.  :-P

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    I'm having this exact problem right now. I have 12 invitees and everyone who is having a problem not receiving the invites is either using GMail or as GMail based-email with a custom domain. I do have one GMail user who did receive the invitation and who replied.


    Has anyone figured this out? Is it Apple or Google or something else?