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I used this printer successfully on my PowerBook G4 (I thought I had used it successfully as well on my MacBook Pro - but can't quite recall if I made the changeover).  In any case, the printer works great (at last use a couple of years ago) and now my MacBook Pro doesn't seem to recognize the printer (connected via Asanti/ethernet).  I called Apple 3 x today only to learn that legacy support no longer exists If anyone can walk me through the setup in order to get this MacBook Pro (10.6.8) to recognize the printer once again I would be so grateful.  FWIW, I feel like the driver may have been a 'xerox phaser' - but that could've been my older Samsung CLP...


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



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    AppleTalk is no longer supported as of OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  The AsanteTalk is for AppleTalk only.  You will have to use either a parallel-to-USB adapter or configure a "straight" Ethernet connection. 

    I am not familiar enough with this printer to give you more specific information.  I have looked at the Owner's Manualy and it appears that the printer came with AAUI transceiver and is capable of using the LPD protocol for an Ethernet connection.

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    Thank you so much for your help!  I wasn't the original owner and never received the AAUI transceiver.  Since I will have to be looking at investing in one of the 3 technologies you list above (either a parallel-to-USB adapter, configuring a 'straight' Ethernet connection or finding a AAUI Transceiver) I wonder if you have any suggestions about which solution you may recommend in terms of cost, speed, reliability, availability, etc.?  Also, if you can relay where/how I may be best successful in terms of locating the recommended technology I would appreciate that information as well.


    I am very grateful for your assistance.

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    Actually, there are only two alternatives.  I included "straight" Ethernet i quotations for a reason.  I believe you need a transceiver for whatever type of Ethernet you use -- in this case the twisted pair Ethernet cabling that is omnipresent today.


    I would suggest that you first go for the parallel-to-USB adapter.  Check Amazon.com, newegg.com and the like.  They can be found for as little as about US$10.  The big advantage is that they are plug and play.  No messing with cable drivers, IP addresses, etc.


    If you don't already have a copy of the manual for your printer, you can get one from http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Manuals/printers/0307069AALW16 600SU.PDF

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    There is another legacy Asante product, if you can find one used, called the Asante Friendlynet adapter. It is AAUI to rj45/ethernet. This is what I use to connect my Laserwriter 16/600 to my network which includes a G4 Tibook and a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8.1


    As of the time of this post, I searched "AAUI" on ebay and found adapters by Asante, Farralon and a couple of other vendors, so a solution is available.

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    I do have this adaptor and was using it just fine before.  I was interested to see that you are able to use it on 10.8.1 since I thought the issue was with no support for AppleTalk as of 10.6 (see above post by M.Broughton).  I have yet to order a usb-parallel adaptor, so would certainly appreciate hearing from you the details of how you got the printer recognized when connected via the Friendlynet.


    I am running 10.7.2 on my desktop and 10.6.8 on my laptop.

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    Not to be argumentative, but I did mention that you may be able to use such a device in my follow up post when I mentioned using an AAUI tranceiver.  Your response was that you never received an AAUI transceiver.   The only important thing here is to get your printer working for you.


    To help determine exactly what Asante device you have, could you tell us what cable plug you use on the printer?  Is it the 8 pin round connector or is it a device that looks something like the following?



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    Thank you so much for your reply and sorry for my ignorance.  I didn't realize that the AAUI tranceiver was the same thing as the Asanti Friendlynet adaptor.  Here's a picture of the one I have (and used when I hooked up the printer most recently but couldn't figure out how to get the printer recognized).


    I appreciate your help.




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    Thank you for the picture of your connector.  I am sure I jumped the gun also in assuming that you were using the much more common AsanteTalk Ethernet to LocalTalk adapter.  That is what 99% of users have and the reason their AppleTalk printers don't work anymore.


    Your transceiver should work fine once you get your printer and network set up.  Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with your printer to give you step by step directions.  I would cheat a bit and boot up one of my older cmputers into System 9 to use the printer utility.  My reading of the manual for your printer seesm to indicate you may need to Telnet into the printer to set the IP address.  Hopefully slido or someone else will fill in the details for you.

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    Hi Matt,


    Thanks again for your reply.  I wouldn't know the first thing about booting into a previous system .  I'm hoping that Slido will be able to walk me through the process (fingers crossed....)


    I know that the Apple folks helped me with this a few years ago.  Too bad they no longer seem to offer that service.

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    I recently upgraded to 10.8.1 from 10.6.8. The printer worked without any further configuration on my part.


    That said however, the first question is: Does your printer print a startup page on power up? If so check to see if an IP address is listed in the upper right portion of the page.


    If it does not print a startup page you may be able to log into your router and discover the IP address by looking at the routing table.


    If you discover the IP address go here for instructions on how to use the IP address to set your printer up. It gives instructions for 10.6.x, but I checked in 10.8 and the choices are still available. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4507


    One more thing. If you are using DHCP for your network, make sure the static IP address that the printer has is outside the range of DHCP IP addresses that your router assigns. Otherwise you can have conflicts that will cause the printer not to work.


    If you do not have an IP address assigned, or cannot discover the address you will need to find a friend who has an older Mac with OS 9 that you can use the Apple Printer Utility with to set up the printer. The other option is to telnet to the printer from the terminal using the instructions in the printer manual that should still be downloadable in Apple Support.


    Hope this helps.

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    And one clarification. I never used this as an AppleTalk printer. I configured it as an Ethernet/IP printer from the time that I bought it.  (used)

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    Would very much appreciate any help!!!


    I'd also like to use my workhorse 16/600 on my office network which includes a MacPro (10.8) and MacBook Pro (10.7). (Didn't realize when I upgraded OS that I would lose this printer.)


    As I understand it I need to replace my AppleTalk to Ethernet Adaptor with an AAUI transceiver like the Asante Friendlynet.


    Will I still need to set-up the printer as an IP printer? If so, I don't know how to find its IP address, since it does not print a start up page.


    I need a printer bad... please help. Thanks.

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    Hi Rick,


    The Friendlynet doesn't work for me anymore - I think I used to use that with AppleTalk.  My printer prints a start up page but the IP address is blank ( and I don't think that I can get into my router (I'm on an institution network).  While I completely appreciated the generous and helpful advice I received here, it was unfortunately too complicated for me (I neither know how to telnet from terminal nor have a friend with OS9). 


    I think my best option at this point to get this reliable printer up and running is to get a parallel to usb cable...


    Let me know if you figure something out as I am still stuck.



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    Make sure when you add the printer you select the "IP" tab and set the "Protocol:" option to "Line Printer Daemon - LPD". I also telnet'd into the printer itself and set its subnet mask to and set the default gateway to my router's IP address. I assigned a static IP to the printer that's outside the DHCP range of my router. It seems to be working good now.