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I have had two ipod nanos shut down without liquid contact. The first showed no  "red" dot. The replacement did after about 60 days use.. Apple refused warranty coverage only on the second one - the replacement they gave me. The only moisture exposure either nano had was from perspiration. I used them soley in the gym. I typically clipped the nano to my shirt collar. I never "washed" them. To clean them, I would spray screen cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen with the moistened cloth.


Apple tells me that it will replace the replacement for $75. Otherwise, as long as the red dot is there, no warranty coverage!!! No other alternatives. Seriously, are these things not designed and marketed to be suitable for use during physical activity. There are even exercise apps pre-installed. The store manager told me that there was no method of checking the accuracy of the moisture detection "red dot." Liquid contact cannot possibly be defined as including perspiration.


Does anyone have a handle on this? I know there is a Northern California Federal Class Action case getting underway on the issue.


I paid about $150 bucks for the nano. I used it for its intended purpose and after two months I get to take it back and replace it for another $75. What a brilliant scheme.  I should just send Apple a $75 check every two months, and go back to my old Sony CD player.

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    Call Apple and ask to be transferred to "Customer Relations." Calmly explain the situation with them and give them all the case numbers you have so far. They may take care of you. ;)


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    Interestingly, when I encountered a problem today with my iPhone 4s being "water damaged" at the Genius Bar and I said the same thing about the only moisture it coming in contact with was from sweat while working out, I was told that it would take a lot more than just sweat to trigger the sensors.  One guy used the word "submerged."  The supervisor at Apple Care said that he had never heard of anyone claiming sweat as a possibility and therefore revoked my warranty.


    Everyone agreed that using an iPhone and its apps for workouts was well within normal use so they "suggested" that there must have been some other exposure to liquid that caused the issue.  But it hasn't ever been exposed to any other "liquid" than my sweat. 


    I find it funny that I've been able to find many instances like yours online about the sensors being tripped from normal workout use.  I said that if sweat from having the phone in my pocket while using one of their exercise apps caused it, there must be a design flaw.  The Apple Care supervisor vehemently denied it.  I'm not thrilled about having had to pony up $199 for a replacement.  This very well might be my last iPhone.