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I have read several discussion boards across different websites regarding ATV3 and I do realize that I am not the only person with the same problem. But does anyone have an ANSWER as to HOW TO FIX the 2 hour wait to download/ rent/ stream a movie? It was my understanding that it would be seamless and quick- I have no use for the product if I cannot sit down and watch a movie at the click of the remote. If there is no remedy to this problem- then why hasn't Apple released a statement regarding this problem or explain what's being done to fix it?

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    then why hasn't Apple released a statement regarding this problem or explain what's being done to fix it?

    Because if there is a problem it lies with your internet connection or your network setup, no statement or fix is necessary.

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    Any idea how I pinpoint this? Have you noticed the numerous complaints from other people saying it takes 2-8 hours to download a rented movie? I never had this problem before Apple TV and now I can't rent a movie or view a digital copy without waiting at least 2 hours for it to download not to mention the buffering. I'm better off watching something on my iPhone or Mac (quality is low when mirroring).

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    "Because if there is a problem it lies with your internet connection or your network setup, no statement or fix is necessary."


    I have the same problem as crobert2. The problem with my network setup materialized the day I bought ATV 3.  My ATV 2 had nearly instantaneous downloads and was located in the exact same location.  I purchased the latest gen of Airport Extreme with its more powerful transmitters to no avail.  Measured wifi speed at the location of the ATV is never slower than 16 Mbps and often faster.


    The ATV 3 just seems to be especially sensitive to any interference, much more so than ATV 1 or 2, both of which I have owned.

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    @Winston Churchill - felt compelled to reply to your rather bullish assertion that it's a local network problem - nothing less than I'd expect from the great man by the way! I've done several tests swapping the ATV3 for my old ATV2 and in every one the ATV2 has been MUCH faster at downloading movies - that's with the units in the same location, with the same (wired) ethernet connect, and at the same quality settings (720p HD). It's just iTunes content that's the problem, everything else - Netflix, YouTube, etc - is fine. If you've got any ideas/suggestions - preferably not involving replacing the rest of my network - I'd be really keen to hear them. Just to pre-empt a few of the things you might be considering:


    * I've tried restarting, reseting and restoring my ATV3 several times.

    * I've run "Test my network connection" on the ATV3, which tells me... wait for it... "Network test successful"!

    * I've checked my ISP isn't throttling my connection (and if they were lying, I'd expect the ATV2 to be nobbled too).

    * I've tried wired and wireless connections.

    * I've tried turning off other IT equipment that might be interfering with network traffic.

    * I've tried changing my router and DNS settings.

    * I've tried upgrading my router firmware.

    * Finally, I've tried cussing, swearing and seething, which hasn't improved the ATV3's performance, but did make me feel better for a while.

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    I am having the exact same issue.  i have tried all of the above solutions...  I have rented a movie that has nearly expired and am only half way through it.

    I have done a speed test on my line and there is nothing wrong with it.  The only issue is Apple TV.  Boring.


    Here's hoping they at least give me a free rental on this movie so we can see how it finished.. hopefully before the end of the weekend!!  Luckily for us its a long weekend....  And the film is average.

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    Looks like Apple has recognised there's a problem with the ATV3's WiFi and is replacing certain units - for details, see http://9to5mac.com/2013/04/15/apple-says-small-number-of-apple-tvs-have-wifi-iss ues-opens-replacement-program/. I've replaced my ATV3 and the new one is working fine (having said that, I managed to get the previous one working after disconnecting my cordless phones, which seemed to be interfering with it). Hope this helps some of you!