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Which is the best third party software to purchase for my new iMac so I can make hd DVDs from iMovies. I didn't realise my iMac didn't come with a DVD burner app. thanks

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1.1
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    You can make Blu-Ray Discs with the following:


    • Roxio Toast

    • Final Cut Pro X

    • Compressor 4

    • Adobe Encore DVD (the only "real" authoring solution on Mac)

    • Final Cut Studio 3 (discontinued)

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    In your opinion which is the most simplest to use and cheapest and which would you recommend.

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac?


    Apple insists that the entire world has access to fast broadband (and are prepared to pay for the considerable bandwidth usage) and wants to distribute home movies to friends and relatives via download (iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, whatever) rather than mailing them a DVD. The fact that in reality not all users do, has so far had no effect on this policy. If you scream and shout loudly enough down the phone Apple may send you a free copy of iDVD. Stating that they would return their brand new Mac unless they received a copy of iDVD worked for some, but that is now said to have been withdrawn by Apple.


    Also, you can complain bitterly via Apple’s Feedback link, perhaps suggesting that Apple could have provided a choice between burning DVDs and distributing home movies by other means. You may feel that Apple should not dictate how you destribute family videos or photos to distant relatives and friends, and should not assume that every user is prepared to pay for the excessive bandwidth usage charged by ISPs for huge downloads from the App Store:




    Whilst Macs with a Superdrive continue to be able to burn video DVDs, the software for so doing, iDVD, is no longer included in the iLife bundle that came with OS 10.7 Lion (which also omitted iWeb) or that comes with OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. And it is no longer included in the iLife 11 from the online Apple Store: http://www.apple.com/ilife/. Your only solution is to look on Amazon or eBay and try to get an older version that includes iDVD 7, i.e. iLife version 9 onwards. You should also do this if you plan to buy a new Mac anytime soon, as stocks of iLife that include iDVD will not be available for ever.


    However, the vastly more expensive FCPX can burn a DVD without iDVD or DVD Studio Pro involvement, but lack the themes etc of iDVD. Also, of course, there is Roxio Toast, which is the best software for burning anything but again does not offer the flexibility of iDVD.


    Apple has clearly indicated in the newest Mac mini and Retina Display MacBook Pro that it plans to get rid of optical disc drives as soon as possible across the board, providing an external USB drive as an option for users who need one.


    Users increasingly have fewer opportunities to use optical drives, as the bulk of third party software is now available as a digital download either directly from the vendor or through Apple's App Store. Apple also sees digital distribution as the future of music and movies, as exemplified in Apple TV, which has never included an optical drive.


    The company has never supported any new HD optical disc formats on its products, including Microsoft's ill fated HD-DVD or Sony's Blu-ray format, despite initially being involved in the Blu-ray standardization process. Instead, Apple has put its resources behind developing increasingly higher definition audio and video formats that it can distribute electronically through its own iTunes Store.


    And if you think Microsoft are any better, their new Windows 8 operating system will not play DVDs, or burn them, unless customers buy an extra upgrade, the company has announced:  http://www.gizmag.com/windows-8-no-dvd-playback/22443/


    In other words, computer manufacturers have declared optical media as dead, long before consumers are ready to stop using them, which is fine as long as they offered us a choice, but they won’t even do that. Flexibility and intuitive use of a computer seems to be a thing of the past.

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    The simplest is probably Toast, the cheapest is Compressor 4. The only one that has a demo version is FCP X.

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    Hi cactus118


    Just to make a small thing clear !


    THERE are near to no HD-DVD at all - just academic and ONLY plays on a few Rare Toshiba HD-DVD players.


    So DVD - is as standard - interlaced SD-Video


    If You make HD-DVDs, Blu-Ray (BD) disks or other High resolution disks - Then the Viewer Must have a device that can handle it.


    Standard DVD-Players only can playback Standard DVDs - but they can be made better or worse. By using

    • iMovie'08 to 11 - 50% of the picture (SD-Video) quality is lost

    - iMovie up to HD6 and all FinalCut can export interlaced SD-Video = 100% quality kept

    • Exporting as HD to iDVD - significantly WILL REDUCE the final DVD quality - due to bad downscaling process.

    • Importing Video-codecs that iDVD must de-encode first - most often result in VERY BAD DVD result


    So if DVD is made right - some use to refer this to Hollywood Quality - At least it will be very good !


    Yours Bengt W

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    I used Total Video Converter Pro to burn DVD.

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    Dear Klaus,

    thank you very,very much for this extensive comment. I have a Mac OS X Lion version 10.7.5 with a "normal" DVD-Burner (Matshita) and even the people working in the apple stores do not know, that I cannot use iDVD and that it is not on my computer. It is really hard to believe, that there is nobody at apple to help you be a normal customer from the good old times, who wants to burn a DVD and store it and give it as a present to friends.

    I have come upon the software of Roxio Toast Titanium 11, but did not buy it until now, because then again, I do not know, which Blue-Ray/HD-Burner works with it and the Mac. Do you have any idea?

    Would help me a lot, since I want to output my video in HD-quality for us (we have a Blue-Ray- Player) and our friends (they do not have a Blue-Ray-Player). So , I need a software, which can burn it to Blue-Ray and which can convert it for my Matshita DVD-R UJ 8A8- built-in-burner.

    Hope, you can find the time to answer my question.

    Thank you very much in advance.


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    Roxio Toast can burn BluRay disks of up to 30 minutes long using your existing DVD burner.

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)



    (I use Roxio Toast™ 10 Pro incl BD-bundler)


    The "HD" burned on DVDs - is somewhat special - sort of AVCHD




    a. Normal DVD-players can not play them

    b. Cheap Blu-Ray players - CAN not play them

    c. PalaStation3 - CAN PLAY them

    d. more expencive BD-Players that can play AVCHD - CAN PLAY them


    Yours Bengt W

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    The question was about burning, not playing afterwards

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    YES - I got that


    But You don't know how many hours I put down in understanding WHY my new BD coded DVDs did not play on several Blu-Ray-players.


    So it was just a bit of obsolete info - may be saving other people from same trauma.


    No offence - Just skip and cont. if of no interest.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Bengt, det var inte en kritik!

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    Purchase an iLife 09 disc from one of the 3rd party retailiers.  That will get you iDVD and themes from all 7 versions: If you  purchase an iLife disc remember that iLife 11 only provides iDVD 5-7 themes.  The Software Update no longer installs the earlier themes nor do any of the iDVD 7 updaters available from the Apple Downloads website contain them. 


    Currently the only sure fire way to get all themes is to start with the iLife 09 disc:



    This shows the iDVD contents in the iLife 09 disc via Pacifist:



    You then can upgrade from iDVD 7.0.3 to iDVD 7.1.2 via the updaters at the Apple Downloads webpage.



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    For years I have used Roxio Toast Titanium. This is the most comprehensive and powerfull DVD burning software for Mac.