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Can my wife use her iPad 1 (original) to watch video's using Airplay through Apple TV?


I can and do all the time with my iPad 2.


Just need to know prior to leaving today for vacation.  If not, will load on my iPad.


Thanks for the quick response, as always.

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    Yes she can. Videos, pictures, and music. No mirroring though.

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    OK.........first problem.


    I use mirroring to watch video's.


    How do I use the iPad and Apple TV to watch movies on the big screen???  These are DVD's that I have downloaded and converted to MP4 format.


    Again, thanks.

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    When you go to play a video on hers, an airplay icon will show next to FF on her iPad. The iPad and apple tv use Internet connection to play. If you don't have Internet a local connection works. Just make sure you have a wireless router and connect the apple tv and iPad to it even if there is no Internet Ethernet cord. You just have to establish a local connection

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    OK..........that is what I do but I thought that was mirroring????  It shows exactly what is on the iPad even when reading emails.


    Are you sure???

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    Just make sure she has ios5. If there is a software update choice in her iPad settings your good to go.

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    I'm 100% positive. Your all set. As long ans they a both connected on the same network Internet or local your good. AirPlay is movies pictures and music. Some games too. They have to be "AirPlay" friendly. Mirroring is mirroring the screen. Emails and other stuff. Her iPad cannot do that. She can just push like videos in ur case to the apple tv just fine. As soon as she backs out of the video on her iPad, it leaves the video on the apple tv. You'll notice also she has all the same setup like what you have to turn on mirroring, but there's no mirroring slider on hers.

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    I have a 2-3. I thought this to be the case also. My uncle came to my parents. He has an iPad 1. He showed us pictures on the atv. I was surprised, but played around with a video and music. That's also plays on the atv. Thats when I learned the difference of AirPlay and mirroring. Mirroring is everything. Airplay is those select things. An icon will appear when she starts to play a video and an atv is detected on the same network.

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    Will try this PM and see if it works.


    If it works, will be back to close discussion and give you credit.


    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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    No problem. See you tonight :)