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Hello everyone! I am sincerely hoping a representative from Apple will read this one as this is a recuring problem that has just cost me well over $500 CDN. I had a 3Gen 10GB iPod which had about 8.5 GB of music. I discovered that iTunes had randomly truncated songs in my library which means around 2100 songs. The way I discovered it is when I synchronized iTunes with my iPod shortly after buying a whole CD on ITMS, those new songs got truncated. I came here and also contacted Apple. They ended up putting my purchase back up for a re-download as a new purchase. I promptly burned it on CD in case it happened again.

It did happen again, as I used my iPod back, I seemed to keep discovering new truncated songs. I ended up thinking iTunes simply started doing this as space was starting to get low. 2 weeks ago, I sold my 3 Gen iPod and bought a new 5Gen 30GB iPod, telling myself this would never occure again. I guessed wrong. I am still getting random song "truncation". I am beyond mad now. I will be sending an email to Apple too to see what they have to say about this, but I am not too inclined in having to start listening to every darn song I have now to find everything iTunes has screwed up. This all started up with iTunes version 5.0. I am now using the very latest version.

Anyone has any tips or ways to help please?

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