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Since installing Canon Printer Software Update 2.9 (Canon verion # on 7-19-2012, my Canon MP990 printer-scanner takes two print jobs before it recognizes a change from double-side to single-side printing.  I checked System Profiler before & after the update and only changes were:

     Canon IJ Printer Utility 10.51.7   to   10.57.2

     Canon IJ Printer Utility 7.27.2     to     7.27.3

     Canon IJ Scanner1       1.9.0      to     1.11.0

Any solution?

I also downloaded the Canon IJ Network Tool to v. 4.0.0, but don't see that that would affect this.


MacbkPro 2.8GH, OS 10.6.8

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    Addendum to my 8-17 post:


    System Pref>Print & Fax>Options shows I have Printer Driver 10.57.2 .  I notice Canon Support for MP990 using OS 10.6 now lists a CUPS Printer Driver v. released 8/3/12.  Might installing that be a solution?


    (Canon also lists two Scanner Drivers15.5.1a & 15.5.1b.  No explanation which to choose.  I don't know how to tell what scanner driver version I have.  System Profiler shows Canon apps titled IJ Scanner1, v. 1.9.0 installed 10/26/11, and MP990 series 15.5.0 installed 3/24/09, so maybe that indicates the scanner version.)

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    I would delete the print queue, uninstall the drivers. Delete the printers from the printer list.


    Then redownload the new drivers, and reinstall the printer to the printer list

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    Thanks sanjampet. But I'm not sure where this is done.  Is the printer list you refer to the one with +/-  options at System Preferences/Print & Fax?   System Profiler/Printers lists Queue Names, so is that where I'd delete the print queue?  Also there is no app in System Profiler named "Driver" so is the driver in the Canon IJ Printer Utility apps I show in my original post?

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    The printer list is the left colum in system prefences with the +/-, highlight the prinyer you wish to delete and click-.

    The print queue is on the main part of the page Open Print Queue, delete any jobs that might be there.

    It should be in the apps as in your original post, there is usually an uninstall button, uninstall and reinstall with the correct drivers from the Cannon site.


    All the best

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    Thanks sanjampet.  Since you didn't answer for some time, I emailed Canon.  Their advice to delete printers in System Preferences/Print and Fax was same as yours.  I understand you at first to mean I should somehow delete the print queue function, but I now understand you just mean to delete any active jobs from the queue.


    I don't know what you mean by an uninstall button.  Canon recommended moving to Trash all printers & scanner drivers, including those I have for another printer/scanner Canon MX860 which I sometimes use, & installing all new drivers & software from Canon site.  According to Canon, the printer driver is in various folders located in Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter folder, & to trash that entire folder. That folder includes the IJ Printer Utility.app's I mentioned.


    They say scanner driver is in Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources.  Files therein are titled MP990 series.ds, which they told me to trash, & MP990 series Network.ds.  Finder does define these as Applications.  The Canon IJScanner1.app that was installed as part of Apple's 7/19/12 update is in Image Capture/Devices, as is an older IJScanner2.app, so maybe that is involved in driving scanner as well.  The Printers/Canon/IJScanner folder has an app titled IJ Network Scanner Selector2.app.  I don't know what that does.


    Canon also advised me to trash BJExtDDI.cfm from Library/CFM Support, & MPNavigatorEX3.0.4 from Applications/Canon Utilities as current version is 3.0.5.


    It may be several weeks before i perform these procedures, as I don't want to risk disabling my printer until major medical issues that just came up are resolved.

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    Sorry I did'nt reply sooner, as kids are returning to school this week and my wife is also a teacher, so it's kind of a double whammy in terms of available time.


    Also sorry I was not clearer on my response, there again trying to do things too quickly.


    I'm sorry to hear of medical issues, I truly hope that all works out well.


    All the best,