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When I have power nap selected on my MacBook air 2012, it receives my mail silently while it's asleep. When I wake my computer from sleep I find the mail in the Apple mail program where it should be. However, my mail program no longer responds with any mail tones. For example the whooshing sound when mail is sent, the ding that we hear when mail is received are all gone.  Also, the sound when I click on get mail is also gone. Sometimes I can restore the sounds by closing the mail program and read opening it.  Other times I have to restart the computer in order to restore the mail tones. In summary, I lose the mail tones when the computer is asleep with power nap selected but they don't come back when the computer is awakened. I assume this is a software related problem but wonder if it could be related to a defect in my new MacBook air 2012. I have reset the SMC without preventing this glitch from occurring. Mountain lion was installed on the computer as a clean install. has anyone experienced this issue? if so, is there a solution to the problem.

MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion