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    steve359 wrote:





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    Then straighten up.  Contact a lawyer.  Get advice on how to handle this so that you do not alienate ATT and police and the district attorney as you have made us angry with "my store does not run out of buns".


    You need to control yourself, and face up to this.  Early lesson in anger management for you.


    Play this straight.

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    Thanks for the good advice.

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    So, here is what I assume happened. The seller broke the phone, so in order to get a replacement phone he reported it stolen

    Why didn't he just report it broken and get a new one? If he had it insured for loss, he also had it insured for damage.


    The person I bought if from did not stole it. He broke it, then reported stolen so insurance will give him a new one.

    How do you know any of this?

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    And what have we learned from this Dorthy?

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    Chris CA


    I do not know that. I was trying to give myself an answer of what was going on. But then I remember him telling me he will be wearing his green Publix shirt when I was waiting for him at Starbucks. Then I came up with a new theory in my head, that maybe he found the phone while working and sold it giving me the story of it being his gf's iphone that felt and broke.

    Then, once I got 2 different theories in my head I realized I will never really know what really happened.

    If ppl dnt want to believe me, I dont really care. I've had enough today.


    Let me add a little detail as of why I say I've had enough today.


    I sold my older 3G iphone today. While my phone was working.

    The buyer showed up, called me saying he was outside. I showed him my old 3G iphone. I took my sim card out of my iphone 4 for him to test out the 3G using a sim adapter. Everything was perfect. He paid me, took the phone and left.


    I put my sim back in my phone, try to make a call.. get a machine telling me my device has been blocked for service. I went crazy, called customer service from my shop's phone, it was a mission to get to talk to somebody after calls kept dropping. Then they told me the phone was not gonna work again.


    I restored the phone hoping that would help me get it back and running. And while Im doing it, this buyer of my 3G shows up all ****** off saying that I sold him a stolen iPhone and that he worked for the police and bla bla bla (DUDE, DO YOU REALLY THINK IM GONNA MEET YOU AT MY OWN SHOP TO ROB YOU?????)

    At that time I thought it was a problem with the sim, that it was just gonna be ok. Gave him his money back, he apologized for his attitude and said to me - I thought you robbed me cause when they told me the phone was stolen I tried to call you and your phone was disconnected.

    I didnt have an answer, I just showed him my own phone, the one he called on an hour ago now gives the same machine msg.


    Now my iPhone 4 is a hot phone, stolen, in my hands with all my personal info in it. My sim card doesnt work anymore. Now my very own 3G comes up as stolen so I dont have ANY phone right now. And we are supposed to live in a first world country. Bro, really? The great USA ??


    So yeah, through all that I went today. While being an honest person doing honest businesses, at least on my end. Then I get here trying to get some advise on how to handle this, thinking that maybe somebody could help me reason cause Im all ****** off, confused, now even worried and I get some support, then ppl turned around and now I am the bad guy.


    Thats more than enough. This horrible experience will pass, I will learn from it, and mature.


    As far as this guy who screwed me, God is watching, whether you wanna believe it or not makes no difference, He is taking his notes.

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    So your personal number is now associated with a stolen phone, and your personal phone is now bricked.  You cannot transfer your unmber to a new carrier, because ATT must release it and the new carrier must contact ATT to do this.


    And ATT has evidence (two phones using the same stolen number) to use against you.


    Get a lawyer.  You are deep in the brown stinky stuff.

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    I have a major correction to make!!!  It wasn't a Publix I was in, it was a Winn-Dixie.  Whew, glad I caught that.  Details matter, ya know. 


    iLS6, "OP" is shorthand for Original Poster.  That's you.


    In all seriousness, I would go to an ATT store, explain the situation to them and see what steps, if any, can be taken.  WickedOne60 (post on the second page) makes some good points, and it may turn out there is nothing you can do that could easily resolve the situation.  You've invested a lot so far in terms of time and money.  It's your call if you want to continue, but if it were me, I'd cut my losses:  throw the repaired phone out, and get a new phone, new provider contract, and a new phone number.


    Good luck with whatever path you take.

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    So I wanna buy a used 4S now. I got a pretty good deal offer, 400 for a 64gb. Its 1 owner. My question is, is there a propper way to buy it in order to avoid getting screwed again? Like a sales receipt or something?

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    Yes, buy a new phone directly from Apple. That is the ONLY way to assure getting a phone that has not been stolen, hacked or jailbroken, other than buying a subsidized phone from an iPhone carrier. I'm surprise you haven't learned that lesson, based on your previous experience.

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    You have had 4 1/2 months to consider the risks of "second hand" phones.  Yet you go back.  Either take Lawrence Finch's advice about "buy new", or you may not get much more advice you wil consider "helpful".

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    After 40 replys, one has to say, Hello Wall... Listen to what Lawrence said.

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    yea that like 450 dollars more than what I am buying. I spoke with an Apple representative and they told me my new carrier has to make the transfer, that I need to ask for that along with bringing my number.

    Details, Im buying a 64gb 4S for 400 from its original owner. Apple doesnt even sell those anymore unless I get a 2 years contract. And even if there were, it will cost twice as much.

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    If you are not evensure the new carrier will accept the transfer, your are gambling $400 with the purchase.  The phrase "sending good maoney after bad" comes to mind.


    Giv eit up ... get a brand new phone at whatever price they require,  and get a completely uncorrupted phone number.


    Or give up on iPhone for a while and buy something that comes with a contract price of $50 for a while.

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    You were given good advice several months ago, which you ignored, and you've again been given good advice. If you ignore it again that's your choice, but you bear the consequences. I don't know why you even ask if you are going to ignore what everyone says.