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I bought an unlocked 3GS (iOS 4.1) on ebay to use outside the U.S. If I sign up with a carrier in Mexico City, can they unlock it officially?  I can't get the phone number from the  orig owner to have AT&T unlock it, and I'm afraid I'll do something that will make it unusable. Will it lock if I reset it? If so, could I upgrade it to iOS 5 then, and unlock it again? Or am I stuck with iOS 4.1? There must be a way to officially unlock a non-contracted iPhone that doesn't cost a fortune!


btw  I refuse to sign another contract. with AT&T.  I don't like their business practices, and I think that Combined Billing is flawed, perhaps deliberately!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1, unlocked with Cydia
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    You're contradicting yourself. You bought an unlocked phone on ebay, but it's locked to AT&T...


    In other words, you bought a hacked/jailbroken phone on e-bay. It may not be possible for you to process a legitimate unlock, even if AT&T agreed to do so, which they will not if you are not a current/former customer or can't provide proof of purchase for a no commitment phone from an authorized source.


    We can't help you. Discussing jailbroken phones is forbidden by the terms of service.