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I am not sure if this is this right place to ask this question or not, but here goes. After installing Mountain Lion I now get a popup every time I login that says "Would you like to download and install software for “Canon MX860 series”? (I do have an MX860 Canon printer). Choices are Not Now or Install. If I click Install I get taken to a License Agreement page, after clicking Update, a Software Update windows appears with a progress bar that it is "Finding Software". Then about a minute later another message appears "The software is currently unavailable. You can check for the software later by choosing Software Update from the Apple menu. The Apple menu Software Update item shows a blank page with "No Updates Available" displayed.


Thanks for any suggestions,



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Hi mende1,


    Thank you for your suggestion. I went here to the apple support website rather than the Canon website because the licence agreement that comes up is with Apple rather than Canon, which makes me think it is an Apple problem. Also, it didn't happen before I installed Mountain Lion.


    Nevertheless I did install all three driver packages at the link you provided, and there is no change in behavior. There is also apparently application software listed, such as "My Image Garden" which I have no wish install.



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    If you connect it with Wi-Fi, go to System Preferences > Print and Scan, press + button and select the printer in the popup that you will see. If you use USB, open System Preferences > Print and Scan, press + button and select the printer

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    Hi Mende,


    I connect via USB. When I brought up Print and Scan it already had my printer listed. I clicked the + button and it said that it was already installed so I hit cancel.


    Next I hit the - button to remove it, then hit the + button. Up popped Setting up 'Canon MX860 series...' with a Finding software... progress bar that timed out after a minute or so. The message that is displayed is "Can't install the software for the Canon MX860 series because it is not currently available fromt he Software Update server."


    Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    If your Mac is connected to the Internet, disable the network connection and try to add the printer again.


    If this does not help, disconnect the printer USB cable and then open Finder and navigate to HD > Library > Printers > Canon and trash the BJPrinter folder. Then empty the Trash and turn the network connection on. Last action is to connect the MX860 USB cable to the Mac again. See if this succeeds in getting the printer added.

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    I have this exact same problem - with a iP4200. Mountain Lion asks every 60 minutes Would you like to download and install software for “Canon iP4200”?


    I am on the internet, all other software updated, 10.8.0, etc.


    The printer seems to work fine right now.


    What I want to do is convince my computer that it does not need to update the Canon drivers. Ever.

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    I had the same problem with my MP780 - and I thought I had found the solution by allowing applications downloaded from 'anywhere' (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General).


    It was more promising because it went beyond the usual agreement and appeared to install, but alas, 'The software is currently unavailable.'


    My printer works fine, but the instructions found elsewhere to solve this bug are not helping. Incidentally, I wonder if it's a 'I'm not in America, so my printer drivers are different' kind of problem?

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    This seems to be a known and annoying problem with Mountain Lion. I get the same problem every time I reconnect my Air to my USB printer (via a USB hub).  It keeps asking if I want to install the software... which is already installed.  The printer works great, OS X just needs to shush.

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    Groan - I end up leaving the dialogue box open all the time, since it appears many times a day, and not just when a USB device is detected. APPLE: please fix this?