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Recently, my Macbook Pro mid-2011 began to feel sluggish. I decided to do a fresh install of Mountain Lion by creating a Restore HD with a USB stick. I formatted my Macintosh HD drive while I was in Recovery using disk utility, in order to make room for my new OS. I reinstalled Mountain Lion without problem. When it comes time to restore, I chose not too, opting to selectively restore from my Time Machine after I created a profile and logged in. After logging it, I only restored my settings and applications from Time Machine, not my User Profile. After, I selectively moved my music, movies, pictures, documents, and downloads folders back from the Time Machine backup. Everything was going well. However, when I rebooted into Bootcamp (I have Steam running on my Windows 7 64 bit to play games), I noticed that under Hard Disk Drives, my Macintosh HD drive was missing. My Bootcamp disk was there, and so would any external drive that I connected. I thought it was a bug so I reinstalled Bootcamp. Nothing happened. I restarted and uninstalled Bootcamp and tried to reinstall it after restarting. I received a 2753 error. After some web search, I came across a Apple Support Communites discussion suggesting that I deleted a specific file from system32 called AppleOSSMgr.exe (here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3336039?start=0&tstart=0). I did so and my Bootcamp reinstallation proceeded smoothly. I restarted again and to my surprise, my Macintosh HD was still missing. I have enclosed picture of the issue below.



Higher resolution shot here: http://i.imgur.com/2yqSH.png


I have Paragon NTFS installed but I don't think it is causing this because it never gave me problems before. This is a somewhat annoying issue because I have my iTunes Windows app connected to my music folder on my Mac partition, which no longer exists, therefore I can no longer play any of my music. Does anyone know what is going on?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)