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My book is educational and I would like to use it in a museum locally. The special requirement for museums and information centres is that the user cannot exit the program and ideally the Ipad must rotate to allow acess to the portrait menu.


I have trawled the Internet and looked at kiosks and table mounted devices. Labshield have a cover that prevents the button being pressed and a stand, however the stand does not rotate.   Apple shops have a stand but this is not available on their website and it has no cover for the button at the moment.


I would appreciate any information about overcoming this problem (The larger expensive kiosks are a possibility but again do not rotate ). I imagine some schools in the USA might have IPad laboratories and found out how to overcome this problem.



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    Well, nowadays you can use ios 6 feature Guided Access. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5509


    I would like to do this same thing aswell, but guess the broblem now is the new version of ibooks, where user can higlight, share copy etc.. There should be option to disable this popup menu.. Not very cool for example in museum if some kids come troll the device and higlight everything and make notes.. --> next customer won't be so happy, i think

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    I agree and hope some further development happens in the near future. There are more firms producing holders for the iPad in the UK and Ergomounts have a rather cool setup.

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    We solved the broblem by this:


    we get application called xStand (web browser), and we made a mobile website for our needs and with ios 6 Guided Access we turn buttons off.


    edit: this took time and need a person who can code it, but works

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    What is a mobile website?

    Is the website written in code rather than using a programme?

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    The xStand - app is just a web browser, which is well customable.


    we did new website with html,css & jquery ourselves (mobile website), and set the application allow access just for that website and hide the address-bar, search -bar - everything. Now the user can only use that website we made which does that what we wanted.