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This user is running iTunes on HP Laptop which is about 10 years old, which is runnig a recently reinstalled Windows XP and is also running Avira anti-virus software all are up-to-date.


After 2/3 hours download time trying to update iTunes IT FAILED.


It STOP, saying network Time Out / Disconnected (or something like that).


Also tried to Sync iPod & iPad both failed and said something about network Time Out.


Q 1/ Do I uninstall iTunes and reinstall and try again or what else ?


Software is "4. something" on Laptop trying update to "5. something"


Thanks if you can help



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    This problem was solved by using another Laptop which also have iTunes installed on it.


    We think that the cause on the problem was the ethernet cable which was connecting securely.


    Problem solved

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    I'm having a  problem  using a MBP with MacOsX 10.6.8. My iPad2 will not sync with iTunes i keep getting "iTunes could not sync information to the iPad because a conection could not be establised to the iPad" error I tried restarting the Computer and resttting th iPad but no luck. I was able to sync before with iTunes 10 but after updating to iTunes 11 it worked once and now I get the error. I'm using the usb cable instead of the wifi but I get the same results.


    The iPad shows in iTunes and charges with the USB cable also shows in iTunes with wifi.



    I'm a Mac user with 17+ years of experience.