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HI all, I'd like to solve some problems which may arise when i try to burn an audio cd

1) if cd is not inserted

2) if there is no audio file to be burnt


now if one of the two happen drutil just hangs and becomes unresposive.

So all i want to do is to killall drutil if one of the two happen.


Is that possible?



PS this is my rude try, which is not working (otherwise i would not be here ;-)



          do shell script "drutil burn -audio -noappendable -drive 1 /myaudiofolder/ 2>&1 &"

on error

          do shell script "killall drutil"

end try

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    I think you will need to check that the two conditions (disk inserted and valid file to burn) are true before calling drutil.


    That is first make sure the filename you are passing to drutil exists and thne make sure there is a disk inserted in the DVD drive.  Finder should be able to do both of there things for you. Once you know both conditions are true you can call drutil.



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    i came to the same conclusion... instead of worrying for something which can happen after, make sure you don't start if there is no good perspective. almost philosophy... and enlightning. ;-)