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IR and yellow screen issues aside !...


my new macbook pro retina (with Mountain Lion already installed) has an issue with scrolling. It came with 'reverse' scrolling i.e. moving your fingers down the trackpad makes the screen move upwards and vice-versa. I find this confusing so I went to the system prefs to change it. Under the 'Scroll and Zoom' tab the first option is 'Scroll direction: natural - content tracks finger movement'. This is what I wanted. But curiously, this option was already checked, and giving me the reverse scroll direction! I unchecked it, so technically I should now have the reverse direction, but then I had the natural direction?!


Ok, so it's not so much of a problem, as I can change the direction. But obviously it is the wrong way around. Just wondered if anyone else had discovered this on their MBPr and if so, can it be corrected?



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion