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I've noticed an extremely weird and significant bug in Safari 6 / Mountain Lion:


When I'm navigating through a site, sometimes when clicking a link, Safari tries to open the corresponding URL on a previously visited site's domain instead of the current site.


For example:


First, I'm surfing on Then, I navigate to another site, say On, I click on a link that should take me to:


Instead, safari takes me to, which of course produces a 'not found' error. Nothing wrong with the link; this is purely Safari's doing.


This happens often, and apparently can happen with any site.


In other words, the domain name of a previously visited site persists in the URL, and the page that I'm trying to navigate to is added to the domain of the PREVIOUS site, not the actual site I'm using.


This is a major bug and is often rendering Safari useless for my workflow. How could a bug like this end up in the finished product?




MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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