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I am trying to diagnose a flashing question make on startup for an Early-2008 MacBook. I have tried everything I can think of to try without enoug t apart to check connections to cables. This computer was dropped from the desk to the floor and then it wouldn't get past just the gray screen (before even the apple would show up on startup) - after a while he just shut it down and called me to look at it.


I have tried everything I can possibly think of from trying to boot in safe/verbose mode. I tried to start from the discs that came with his computer to try to run Disk Utility, or to try to run AHT.


Absolutely everything I tried would not get me past just the gray screen but after I let it sit idle for about 5 minutes or so - I saw the flashing question mark in a folder.


Since it took a fall, and everything else I tried failed to produce any kind of progress what-so-ever,  I am kind of thinking I may need to get inside to check the connections to the HD. I'm not afraid to go about this myself but does anyone else have any other ideas that I may have overlooked before I do this?


It is out of warranty or otherwise I would obviously have him take it somewhere but I know i can do it and save him money in the long run if that's all it is.


Thanks for any help/advice.