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Apple, which is supposed to be so good at putting the power of sophisticated programing in the hands of consumers in an easy, intuitive interface, has been offering Address Book and now Contacts for years without solving two very basic problems of contact databases:


1. Creating labels for households requires tons of duplicative typing (corresponding spouse entries, duplicating the address info) in order to get labels with both partner's names. It offers no control over the process. The system for including a a spouse in a partner's label, when there is only one record is buggy. Sometimes the label has a spouse in the label and sometimes not. The whole thing is incredibly primitive.


2. Exporting information to programs capable of handing name and address data with any sophistication, such as Word, or FileMaker, or even Excel, requires standing on your head in the kitchen sink and drinking a gallon of water. OK, not really, but the is no simple way of doing it, and no help from Apple on the subject.


I've owned dozens of Macs since 1984 and love many things about Apple, but they are really tone deaf on this one.

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    Don't put all the blame on Apple here, I've never yet seen a contact manager that works the way contacts really ought to work. None that I have ever seen allows you to define things like addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc independently of each other and of people, and allows you to create connections between them. I've often thought about creating such an app, but have never had the time to do so. I did try my hand at one point at creating such a database in FileMaker, only to find multiple obstacles thanks to some of FileMaker's quirks.


    Of course, it couldn't hurt to suggest this sort of thing to Apple:



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    You're quite right that this is not Apple's failure alone, but I keep hoping they will think different. And on the issue of exporting Contacts data in a format that other, more capable programs can use, Apple is actively unhelpful, giving very limited tools and absolutely no advice.


    Thanks for the feedback link. I used it just now.