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I have a music video that I (after research) FINALLY got to export correctly in HD (1280x720) and the file is 882 megs.


I misspelled a text block and had to change the mix on the audio file so I quit out of FCP and then reopened it to fix the misspell and audio file, and I selected the same (to the best of my knowledge) output settings on my export and now the file keeps coming out at 93 megs (although it still says 1280x720) and its very blurry and not very good quality. I've tried it 4 times already ... same result.


Here are my settings in the QUICKTIME CONVERSION



2300 kbits/sec

Compressor Quality: Best

Frame Rate: Current (24)

Key Frames Every 24 Frames


Filter: none


Size: 1280x720HD

Deinterlace Source Video





Render Settings: Best

Target Bit Rate: 128


For the LIFE of me can't figure this out ... I'm sure these were the last settings I used when the video came out GREAT (minus the misspell and audio remix).


My source vid is full HD and I'm using AppleProRes that I converted to using COMPRESSOR.


PLEASE HELP!!! I'm going NUTS!