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My iPhone 4s Firmware 5.1.1 stopped sending pictures via text a few days ago. I can send MMS through iMessage just fine, but when I try to send them through text I get an error icon next to the message asking if I want to try to resend.


Among the thing's that I've tried are:


Restarting the phone


Doing a hard reset


Turning MMS off and on


Turning iMessage off and on


Resetting the network settings


Turning Wifi off and attempting to send


Turning Wifi back on and attempting to send


Gave it a pep talk


Gave it a candy bar


Talked with it about it's feelings


NOTHING works. Please, somebody give me some advice other than the generic "make sure MMS is turned on". I've spent the last several hours searching for a solution and have found nothing.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1