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My iPhone 4s Firmware 5.1.1 stopped sending pictures via text a few days ago. I can send MMS through iMessage just fine, but when I try to send them through text I get an error icon next to the message asking if I want to try to resend.


Among the thing's that I've tried are:


Restarting the phone


Doing a hard reset


Turning MMS off and on


Turning iMessage off and on


Resetting the network settings


Turning Wifi off and attempting to send


Turning Wifi back on and attempting to send


Gave it a pep talk


Gave it a candy bar


Talked with it about it's feelings


NOTHING works. Please, somebody give me some advice other than the generic "make sure MMS is turned on". I've spent the last several hours searching for a solution and have found nothing.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Contact your carrier.  The problem is likely at their end (such as not having your messaging plan properly provisioned).

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    what kind of candy bar did you give it?

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    I'm currently having the same issue.  I called att, they stated account info is fine. they believe it's the sim card and request that i head to an att store for them to switch my sim card into another phone to see. if sim is in another phone and can send mms, it's the phone.  otherwise if the sim is the issue they will switch sim. if phone is the issue, i'll need to locate an apple store for them to look at the phone.

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    I am having the same problem and also tried almost everything you have listed.  I contacted AT&T and they are blaming the iPhone and not their network.  Has anybody tried getting a new SIM card?

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    restore your phone...setup as a new device...:) .it will work..restore it via itunes.:)

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    The restore did not work for me! Went to AT&T and they tried switching the sim card and still did not work. Went apple store and exchanged sim with a service specialist and she was able to sent from my phone but I still could not from her phone. We figured out it was AT&T service that seem to be the issue. Went another AT&T store, they change the sim card there and same issue too. They called their level 2 tech and they still could not figure it out. They ended up crediting my acct for 1 month work of texting. They still have not figured out the issue. AT&T is stating it could be issue with their system thanks to apple getting ready to release it new os update.

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    Thanks for the update.