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Hi I have had my retina macbook pro now for three weeks and after changing the desktop picture to a dark grey picture I have noticed that when I have an application open for more than 10 minutes and I close the application I can still see and read parts of the app that look like they have burned into the screen the longer the application is open the stronger the burn in is, im sure this is not a software issue and that it is a hardware issue here is a picture of the image retention after the application had been open for about 11 minutes (the image retention hardly shows up on the camera so look carefully) what is your opinion and do you think I should take it to the apple store if so will they replace the screen or give me a replacement.


MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion, Has an LG screen not a Samsung
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    Should not be happening. Make an appointment at an Apple store.

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    The only thing is though that you can only see it on dark grey websites and backgrounds so will they tell me just to change my desktop background to a bright colour image?

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    There is a LONG thread on this.


    Simple fact is you have a Defective computer that you PAID a LOT of MONEY for. Take it back and get one that does not have this Defect. Or live with it and always know that the computer you paid all that money for was defective right out of the box.

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    It should be perfect, so either go to an Apple store & get it replaced or live with it. For the money you paid, I'd suggest getting it replaced. But that's your choice.

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    See this thread - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4034848?start=0&tstart=0 - long list of complaints about IR. It's a known problem. I haven't been following the thread of late, but a number of folks have had the problem and the only solution seems to be getting a replacement (but you're not within your 14-day 'grace' period so I'm not sure that Apple would do that) or getting the screen replaced.


    Much of the discussion began to focus on the 'original' LG-supplied screens, which seem to exhibit IR more, and the 'newer' Samsung screens which seem to have less of a problem.


    In any event, at least browse through the thread - even conribute to it - and let those who have had the problem resolved help you through. Yes, you'll have to take it back to Apple but some have had an easy time getting just the 'right' screen.



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    As I've said twice already, and now for a third time: Make an appointment at an Apple store & get your computer replaced.

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    Yes you can but what I got from Apple store was "go home, and wait for new fimrware". Wait for how long? they just don't know.....What???

    This is  my first apple product for myself and I was stupid because I added an apple care plan. At the time everyone can ask for the replacement of the defective screen, I was asked to wait at home. I should mention I've already replaced one 2 weeks ago and the new screen now shows up the problem.


    So, this is apple.

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    My advice to everyone experiencing problems with the Macbook Retina's Display is don't give up and be presistant until you get the PERFECT display, after all we are not purchasing an entry level laptop. I was on my 6th return and today I got a display manufactured by Samsung! It is has PERFECT color, brightness and clarity. Also has NO image retention (So don't let any "genius" tell you this is normal for this kind of display). This is what we should expect and NOTHING LESS!!!!